Meet Two Successful Women in the Dallas Texas Storage Auction Scene

Meet Two of the Most Successful Women in Storage Unit Auctioning

Both based in Dallas, Texas, Jenny Grumbles and Mary Padian are two ladies taking charge in a mostly male-dominated field – storage unit auctions and resale. Both women are cast in the reality TV show, Storage Wars: Texas, a regionalized spin-off version of Storage Wars.Storage Wars: Texas debuted in 2011 and its premiere episode garnered 4.1 million viewers, making it the most watched series launch in A&E’s history! But both women have talents, aspirations, and accomplishments unrelated to the fame they have received from the show.

Mary Padian, a Dallas native, graduated with a photojournalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2003. Soon after, Padian moved to New York City and landed a job at the iconic magazine, Architectural Digest, where her creative energy flourished. Padian began creating monthly videos called “Mary’s Finds” where she would find affordable and unique home pieces. But after five years in The Big Apple, Padian wanted to return home to Dallas, Texas.

After returning, Padian decided to follow her passion of finding and restoring antique home decor and furnishings by opening her own shop; which, named after her video blogs, is called “Mary’s Finds,” located in the Design District on the border of downtown Dallas. It was here that Storage Wars: Texas, found her. Although the show now takes up a lot of her time, Padian still runs and refurbishes everything in her shop by herself!

Jenny Grumbles on the other hand, grew up in California and after finishing high school, left her home state for Texas. There, she attended the Southern Methodist University where she studied journalism and studio art. Since her graduation in 2002, Grumbles opened the J. Grumbles Studio in San Diego and is her work is represented by multiple galleries all over California and Texas. Grumbles now runs her own shop called “Uptown Country,” located in Dallas, where she sells her own art as well as the pieces she finds and refurbishes on Storage Wars: Texas.

Grumbles became interested in storage unit auctions when a friend sold her a unit that she bought for $1,000; it was filled with broken furniture. She “upcycled” the pieces and sold 20 of them for $5,000. From that point on, Grumbles has been bidding, winning, reviving, and reselling storage units contents ever since.

Padian and Grumbles are clearly entrepreneurs, and crafty ones that at that! Hobbies like attending storage unit auctions can be intimidating for multiple reasons; they are often time-consuming, competitive, and take

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